Latest Past Events

Routing Security part 1

Unveil the fundamentals of Routing Security in Part 1 of our series! Dive into key strategies and best practices to secure routing infrastructure. Essential for network engineers and security enthusiasts keen on bolstering network defenses.  

Cloud Security RoundTable: Malware and Ransomware

Engage in our Cloud Security RoundTable on Malware and Ransomware! Discuss strategies, share insights, and explore defenses against evolving cloud-based threats. A must-attend for security professionals and cloud enthusiasts invested in fortifying digital landscapes.

Securing Mikrotik Routers

Virtual Virtual

Join our workshop on 'Securing MikroTik Routers'—a deep dive into safeguarding your network. Learn crucial tactics, from access controls to firewall setups, ensuring your infrastructure is fortified against evolving cyber threats. Presenter/s: RONALD BARTELS