Storage and Cloud Introduction

Embark on a journey into Storage and Cloud tech! Discover the basics, from cloud concepts to storage essentials, in our introductory session. Perfect for tech enthusiasts and beginners looking to grasp the fundamentals of modern data management.

Internet Security Introduction

Dive into Internet Security basics in our session! Explore key concepts and practices to fortify digital spaces against cyber threats. Ideal for beginners and anyone eager to safeguard their online presence.

How to set up Wireless ISPs and Wireless Community Networks

Join our workshop on setting up Wireless ISPs and Community Networks! Learn step-by-step strategies for establishing robust wireless infrastructures. Perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, community leaders, and tech enthusiasts aiming to bridge digital divides through wireless connectivity.

ISP Network Design

Presenter: Michelle Opiyo.
Discover the backbone of ISP Network Design in our session led by experts. Learn strategies for resilient architecture, traffic optimization, and enhanced connectivity to meet modern demands. Perfect for ISP professionals and tech enthusiasts seeking efficient network solutions.

Introduction to Recursive DNS

Presenter: Kevin Chege.
Join our 'Introduction to Recursive DNS' session, a beginner-friendly exploration into the world of recursive DNS. Learn the basics of how DNS functions, unraveling the magic behind resolving domain names to IP addresses. Perfect for those diving into networking or eager to understand the backbone of internet browsing.

Introduction to Automation

Presenter: David Afahounko.
Unlock the power of automation in our introductory session! Explore the basics of automation tools, from simplifying routine tasks to streamlining operations. Ideal for tech enthusiasts and professionals keen on maximizing efficiency and productivity in their workflows.

Responding to Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attacks

Presenter: Joe Abley.
Master the art of countering DDOS attacks in our specialized session. Learn proactive strategies to identify, mitigate, and respond to these disruptive threats effectively. Essential for network security professionals and anyone keen on safeguarding digital infrastructures against malicious attacks.

Resource Public Key Infrastructure

Presenter: Mark Tinka.
Delve into Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) in our session! Explore how RPKI strengthens internet security by verifying and securing routing information. Perfect for network engineers and security enthusiasts seeking to fortify digital infrastructures.

Lets Encrypt Tutorial Automation

Presenter: Philip Paeps.
Learn automated Let's Encrypt setup in our tutorial! Discover how automation simplifies and streamlines SSL/TLS certificate deployment. Perfect for tech enthusiasts seeking efficient, secure website encryption methods.

Securing Mikrotik Routers

Virtual Virtual, Kenya

Join our workshop on 'Securing MikroTik Routers'—a deep dive into safeguarding your network. Learn crucial tactics, from access controls to firewall setups, ensuring your infrastructure is fortified against evolving cyber threats. Presenter/s: RONALD BARTELS


Cloud Security RoundTable: Malware and Ransomware

Engage in our Cloud Security RoundTable on Malware and Ransomware! Discuss strategies, share insights, and explore defenses against evolving cloud-based threats. A must-attend for security professionals and cloud enthusiasts invested in fortifying digital landscapes.

Routing Security part 1

Unveil the fundamentals of Routing Security in Part 1 of our series! Dive into key strategies and best practices to secure routing infrastructure. Essential for network engineers and security enthusiasts keen on bolstering network defenses.