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WEBINAR 4: How to setup Wireless ISPs and Wireless Community Networks

Webinar Date: OCTOBER 8th 2020, 2PM Kenya Time (E.A.T.), 11AM (UTC/GMT)

Wireless ISPs allow Internet access to be provided with minimal wiring for both the provider and the consumer. Wireless ISPs can quickly reach new customers by beaming a signal to areas with potential clients who can then subscribe to the service without the need to purchase end point devices. Wireless Community Networks allow underserved communities to access Internet connectivity at minimal cost. Therefore, Wireless ISPs and Community Networks are viable options to quickly connect the unconnected and provide essential Internet connectivity to those who need it.

So how does one setup a Wireless ISP or Community Network? What are the licenses required for each and what is needed to setup and maintain a sustainable network in each case?

Join our panel of experts as they answer these questions in the 4th KeNOG Webinar

- Presenters:
- Josephine Miliza (Tunapanda.org)
- Irene Misoi (Lanet Umoja Community Network)
- Barrack Otieno (AHERI Community Network)
- Martin Kanyora (ChuiNet Ltd)
- Phillip Malala (Previously running RamsaWiFi, now Telecoms consulting)


Webinar Date: August 27th 2020, 2PM Kenya Time (E.A.T.), 11AM (UTC/GMT)

With our increasing reliance on the Internet, online security is of utmost importance. Emerging threats require new ways of thinking in order to be able to identify, react, and mitigate security threats.

Join our panel of local experts for a webinar on Internet Security on the 27th of August at 2PM Kenya Time. Below is the agenda for the webinar:

- Agenda:
1. Building Cybersecurity talent in Africa - Laura Tich is an Information security practitioner and the co-founder of SheHacks_KE. She is also a mentor at e-KRAAL innovation hub

2. PANEL: Rethinking Cybersecurity assessment paradigms
- Jones George Baraza is a software engineer, trainer and cybersecurity consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is the founder of Swift Intellect LTD, the company behind CyberSpace Kenya, Cyber Defence Club and the Human Firewall Project.
- Amarjit Labhuram is an information security specialist with experience in network vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and red team operations. Amarjit is a Co-Founder of MacroSec Ltd with a role as a Technical Director.
- Kelvin Njau is an Infosec freelancer, Bug Hunter, student and CTF-Player
- Veronica Rose is an Information Systems Auditor at Metropol and an Advocacy Director at ISACA Kenya Chapter.


Webinar Date: July 23rd 2020, 2PM Kenya Time (E.A.T.)

With the current pandemic increasing reliance on online systems for education, communication and entertainment, many of these online services are being deployed and accessed from the “Cloud”.

Several companies in Kenya and beyond offer Cloud based services ranging from hosting, virtual servers, offsite backup among others. There is a growing market in Kenya of companies offering co-location services where one can host physical computers (servers) within professional data centers that provide connectivity and security.

But what does it take to provide Cloud based services and which considerations should operators and enterprises seeking to use or extend and provide Cloud based services keep in mind? What kind of infrastructure, connectivity and expertise is required to be able to manage and deploy Cloud based services? How can enterprises optimize local networks and in-house services to work seamlessly from the Cloud?

Join our Webinar on the 23rd of July 2020 at 2PM Kenya time (EAT) to find out more about Cloud based services. We will learn from industry experts from Kenya in our program below:

- Co-location, Data Centres and Cloud - Barry Apudo from iColo (20 mins)
- Moving to the Cloud - Considerations - Phares Kariuki from NodeAfrica (20 mins)
- Network Optimisation for Cloud - Hazel Gachoka from Techminds (20 mins)
- Q/A – 25 mins