Date: NOVEMBER 26th 2020, 2:00 PM Kenya Time (E.A.T.), 11:00 AM (UTC/GMT)

KeNOG is organizing a DNS Walkthrough tutorial that will cover how you can setup a simple DNS server for your home office or workplace. This tutorial is aimed at individuals interested in learning the basics of DNS configuration and how to install a simple DNS server.

The walkthrough will involve a hands on lab for those who sign up to use the lab during the tutorial. To sign up for the lab, please go to the following URL and enter your email address in lower case. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WK3JHRY

You will receive instructions on how to access the lab on email before the tutorial so that you can test access.

This tutorial will be the first under the "SysAdmin Track" and will also help to inform the KeNOG PC on the practicalities of an online lab for future tutorials or trainings. More information will be shared via the mailing list.

Background DNS is a key infrastructure that allows us to find devices and services on the Internet. Join KeNOG team for a DNS walkthrough that will show you how to setup a simple DNS server that you can run for your office or home network.


Goal learn to setup your own DNS cache server and test it

Format Slides: 20 to 30 mins Hands on tutorial: 25 mins Q/A: 10 mins

Lab access (before event)
- To access the lab go to https://lab.nog.ke/yourlastname/, put your last name in lower caps eg. https://lab.nog.ke/chege/
- For the lab instructions go to https://lab.nog.ke/exercise.txt

The tutorial will be led by Kevin Chege: Director, Internet Development at Internet Society.