WEBINAR 4: How to setup Wireless ISPs and Wireless Community Networks

Date: OCTOBER 8th 2020, 2PM Kenya Time (E.A.T.), 11AM (UTC/GMT)

Wireless ISPs allow Internet access to be provided with minimal wiring for both the provider and the consumer. Wireless ISPs can quickly reach new customers by beaming a signal to areas with potential clients who can then subscribe to the service without the need to purchase end point devices. Wireless Community Networks allow underserved communities to access Internet connectivity at minimal cost. Therefore, Wireless ISPs and Community Networks are viable options to quickly connect the unconnected and provide essential Internet connectivity to those who need it.

So how does one setup a Wireless ISP or Community Network? What are the licenses required for each and what is needed to setup and maintain a sustainable network in each case?

Join our panel of experts as they answer these questions in the 4th KeNOG Webinar

- Josephine Miliza (Tunapanda.org)
- Irene Misoi (Lanet Umoja Community Network)
- Barrack Otieno (AHERI Community Network)
- Martin Kanyora (ChuiNet Ltd)
- Phillip Malala (Previously running RamsaWiFi, now Telecoms consulting)