Date: July 23rd 2020, 2PM Kenya Time (E.A.T.)

With the current pandemic increasing reliance on online systems for education, communication and entertainment, many of these online services are being deployed and accessed from the “Cloud”.

Several companies in Kenya and beyond offer Cloud based services ranging from hosting, virtual servers, offsite backup among others. There is a growing market in Kenya of companies offering co-location services where one can host physical computers (servers) within professional data centers that provide connectivity and security.

But what does it take to provide Cloud based services and which considerations should operators and enterprises seeking to use or extend and provide Cloud based services keep in mind? What kind of infrastructure, connectivity and expertise is required to be able to manage and deploy Cloud based services? How can enterprises optimize local networks and in-house services to work seamlessly from the Cloud?

Join our Webinar on the 23rd of July 2020 at 2PM Kenya time (EAT) to find out more about Cloud based services. We will learn from industry experts from Kenya in our program below:

- Co-location, Data Centres and Cloud - Barry Apudo from iColo (20 mins)
- Moving to the Cloud - Considerations - Phares Kariuki from NodeAfrica (20 mins)
- Network Optimisation for Cloud - Hazel Gachoka from Techminds (20 mins)
- Q/A – 25 mins