KeNOG is a volunteer lead community that aims to enhance local technical capacity in the areas of Network Operations, Internet Services, Internet Security, Automation, Storage & Cloud based services. Following feedback collected from the community, the KeNOG PC worked to organize monthly activities to engage the community and build technical capacity under the above mentioned tracks.


Here is a summary of the activities organized in 2020:

1. Networking Track Webinar on Network Operations - (June 25th 2020)
Webinar on Wireless ISPs and Community Networks - (October 8th 2020)
Tutorial on ISP Network Design - (November 5th 2020)
2. Security Track Webinar on Internet Security - (August 27th 2020)
3. Cloud & Storage Track Webinar on Storage and Cloud - (July 23rd 2020)
4. Internet Services Track Tutorial on Introduction to DNS - (November 26th 2020)
5. Automation Track Pending - Q1 2021

Recordings and slides from the above activities are available on the KeNOG website and the KeNOG YouTube page.

In addition to the above activities, the following was accomplished:
1. Creation of a mailing list
2. Acquiring a .ke domain (
3. Testing of a virtual hands on lab (during Introduction to DNS tutorial)

1. KeNOG 1: Network Operations - 99 attendees
2. KeNOG 2: Cloud Services - 84 attendees
3. KeNOG 3: Security - 118 attendees
4. KeNOG 4: Wireless ISPs and Community Networks - 76 attendees
5. KeNOG Tutorial 1: ISP Network Design - 70 attendees
6. KeNOG Tutorial 2: Introduction to DNS - 40 attendees

The KeNOG PC looks forward to engaging with the community in 2021 on further activities.